25 Reasons to Pole Dance

As summer comes to a close and children are heading back to school, many of us ladies will have a different type of “free” time available.  Have you checked your calendar lately? We are more than half-way through the year and we know that you have had many successes that have come and gone.  We are always pushing for our pretty ladies to take time for yourself by keeping up with your health and well being.  We enjoy offering classes and workshops that are geared toward helping you feel good from the inside out. Knowing that you are in a good space lets us know we are accomplishing our mission. 

As we head towards the fall months we know that you may still be striving towards your fitness goals and wanted to give you some applause and a little boost if it is needed.  For those that may still be on the pole about pole dancing (pun intended 🙂 we’ve compiled a list of reasons why we believe you should learn to Pole dance or if you’re already doing it why you should push yourself to the next level. 25 Reasons to learn to Pole Dance with Pretty Lady Pole Fit!

 1. It is never, ever boring

2. It helps you to develop strong core muscles

3. It helps you to lose weight

4. You will build amazing arm muscles

5. You will become very strong: mentally and physically

 6. You will look sexy

7. You will feel sexy

8. You learn the balance of ballet dancing

 9. You get to work out in 5 inch platform heels or bare feet

10. You don’t have to worry about others judging you

11. You get to work with instructors who are patient and love what they do

12. Your hips, butt and thighs will never feel or be the same

13. You will learn how to pop your booty

14. You learn amazing tricks and spins

15. Your body will do things you never thought it could do

16. You will become super flexible

17. Letting your hair down while pole dancing is encouraged

18. You get to explore your inner self

19. You can dance alone or with a group of friends or even strangers

20. You never have to depend on a dance partner, the pole is always available

21. You will gain a new respect for ladies who pole dance for a living

22. You will learn how to fly

23. You can and will be the center of conversation at dinners, parties and happy hour

 24. You can choose to keep your pole dancing skills a secret

 25. “ I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too  deep to find for words.” ~ Ruth St. Denis

See you on the Pole! xox…Pretty Lady Pole Fit

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