Your Inner Sensual Side

Have you ever felt the need to just be free? To be able to move freely, uncontrolled, unconstrained totally released from those boundaries; sometimes emotional, oftentimes physical and discover your inner sensual side.

Often, we get in that moment and simply want to let our hair down (when no one is looking).  There is an inner power we as women possess and that power is all about YOU.  The power that lets you know that you are amazing and allows your sensual side to be released.  It begins with allowing your body to transform into pure emotion.  Its about learning to let go of your inhibitions and allowing your creativity and sensuality guide you. 

Close your eyes. Imagine taking yourself to a place you have never been before.  Discovering or awakening the sensual side of you and in you.  There is no one or nothing around. No worries, no work, no kids, nothing. Just you and your beautiful self.  Your body is telling you what to do and you follow attentively; moving gracefully, sensually, exoctically.  Allowing yourself to be the woman you are filled with soft and sensual thoughts. 

If you have been wanting to discover the hidden dancer in you, Pretty Lady Pole Fit has the perfect opportunity just for you.  The ladies of Liquid Motion will be gracing our studios with their Liquid I and Liquid II workshops on August 18th and 19th.  To find out more information please visit our  events page and follow the links for Liquid Motion.

Give yourself permission to explore through sensation, motion and experience.  This is your personal invitation from Pretty Lady Pole Fit.

See you on the Pole!

xox…Pretty Lady Pole Fit

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