Your Inner Sensual Side

Have you ever felt the need to just be free? To be able to move freely, uncontrolled, unconstrained totally released from those boundaries; sometimes emotional, oftentimes physical and discover your inner sensual side. Often, we get in that moment and simply want to let our hair downRead more

Is Pole Dancing for Everyone?

For everyone that has ever participated in pole dancing for fitness, knows that it is simply a good, fun workout.  As you may already know, pole dancing can help you improve your strength and endurance.  You learn spectacular spins and choreography and most importantly you improve yourRead more

Going for The Gold

Let the games begin! The summer 2012 Olympics have gotten underway and regardless of what country or sport you’re rooting for, it’s an exciting time for sport and fitness enthusiasts.  So, Pretty Lady Pole Fit was thinking….is the Olympics ready for pole dancing as a sport???  ItRead more

Celebration and Reflections

As we celebrate our two year anniversary at Pretty Lady Pole Fit, we are taking the time to reflect on our long but fulfilling journey that has lead us to a wonderful studio, fantastic staff and you our fabulous clients. When we first began offering mobile parties,Read more

A Healthy You

A Healthy You You have nothing without your health is such a cliche, but it is so true. A pretty lady has worked hard to live a well balanced life. This includes going to school, starting and raising a family and building a successful career and evenRead more

Climbing the Pole: Reaching New Heights

Climbing The Pole Demo  You’re interested in challenging some of your core key muscles as well as getting in a good exercise at the same time. Well, we have the perfect solution for you: climbing the pole.  With determination any Pretty Lady can accomplish this goal.  AsRead more

Pretty Lady Pole Fit Road Trippin

This week the Pretty Lady Pole Fit team will be heading to La La land (aka Los Angeles, California) for the International Pole Convention.  The convention will be an educational, yet fun-filled roller coaster of workshops and seminars geared towards well… the Pole of course. We areRead more

Pole Daning 101

Pole Dancing 101 So, you went pole shopping,  got your pole mounted and ready to go, NOW WHAT???  It’s trickin time ladies, so grab your pen and pad, Pretty Lady Pole Fit spin and tricks class is in session. ((bell rings)) Learning pole dance spins and tricksRead more

Pole Shopping – Team Permanent vs Team Removable

Pole dancing is a fun and exciting way to lose weight, burn calories, tone your muscles, get a great work and visit your inner seductress. You’ve been to the PLPF studio, have started lessons with our fabulous instructors and now you want to be able to practiceRead more

The Pole Can Be Your Friend

The Pole Can Be Your Friend Pole Dancing can be VERY addictive! We know when you think about pole dancing, you’re imagining some seedy, dark and smoke filled strip club, with scantily clad girls  shaking what their momma gave them for some cents. Believe us  the PLPFRead more
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