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I absolutely love this place. I found this plan through my sister in law and my girlfriend and I started going there regularly. We go to classes 2-3 a week. We’ve done, pole transitions, pole 1 & 2, hot seat, belly dancing, and pilates. All the classes are great especially the pole ones. They truly give you a full body workout and you see results quickly. I love Arminta & Carla, the two owners of the studio. They are very warm, caring, and friendly and they want you to get as much out the classes as possible. If your looking for a good pole workout, try Pretty lady! Also, their ladies night out events are awesome!”
– Krisy C. McLean, VA
Really like this place! I bought a livingsocial deal for 5 classes, I’ve used 4. I’ve stuck with the Intro to Pole, because I don’t feel comfortable moving on yet! Arminta is an amazing teacher! She really helps you and is a good teacher with her “context clues!” Don’t be nervous, Arminta describes each move a few times and also demonstrates, then usually walks around the room to help people out. …I think this is a great place, staff is friendly and helpful!”
– Amanda S. Alexandria, VA
I’ve gone to two intro to pole classes and I have had an amazing time at both. It goes without saying that with different teachers you get a different kind of class. Some instructors are fast paced and are all about technique while others are more about you being comfortable and feeling sexy. The studio is clean and professional which is great since I always worry about location. I’m glad that there is a studio so close to where I live since I didn’t feel like going all the way into DC to learn how to pole dance! And not being forced to buy a package and being stuck with a monthly contract is great since with my schedule I sometimes miss classes, a $15 drop in fee is more then perfect for me. I highly recommend taking a class here, whether it be zumba, pole dancing, yoga, belly dancing or boot camp style classes. I’ve signed up for more classes!”
– Stacey M. Woodbridge, VA
I was really nervous going in to the class, thinking will I make an a$$ out of myself’? will I fall off the pole? will everyone laugh at me? Thankfully everyone in the class is so busy attempting to keep up and learn they’re sooo not paying attention to your hot a$$ mess. Fear not BBW’s, there are ladies of all sizes here! Andrea started the class right away so no time for me to run off crying. She taught moves VERY quickly and I def suggest several ‘intro’ classes before moving on to the next level. It was an interesting way to get a workout.”
– Jane D. Springfield, VA
Great place, and a great workout. The instructors are very friendly!”
– Miss T. Indian Head, MD
I like this place. I came here after buying a living social deal for 3 classes. I took Pole Transitions and Pole I with Amelia I think her name is. The class wasn’t a whole lot of moving around like a dance class, but lordy almighty did ever muscle in my body hurt the next day. In the class description is says you will use muscles you never knew you had and they were not playing about that. I was really apprehensive about actually doing spins on the pole for fear of falling on my behind, but I tried a few out. I am willing to try it again, but I think I need to strength train for a few months so I can actually do stuff on the pole! I really felt like a hot mess, but it was fun. Amelia was fun, if I were to go back I would probably try to get her as a teacher. Also, just a quick note, they recommend you take your shoes and socks off so if you look like you’ve been out in a cotton patch–lotionize before you go in… If your legs are looking like Chewbacca or even worse, Monique you may want to shave before class. Just a fyi.. as I clearly was not prepared for that (hey no judgement its winter and I’m in hibernation mode!) If you are interested its easy to set up an account and book your classes online because the computer there is somewhat slow and can delay the start of your class if a lot of people are trying to walk in and sign up.”
– Andrea W. Fairfax, VA

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