Climbing the Pole: Reaching New Heights

Climbing The Pole Demo

 You’re interested in challenging some of your core key muscles as well as getting in a good exercise at the same time. Well, we have the perfect solution for you: climbing the pole.  With determination any Pretty Lady can accomplish this goal.  As you know when learning any new skill practice makes perfect right?  Once you get started we know there is no stopping you and it will certainly be a great sense of accomplishment. If reaching new pole heights in the world of pole fitness is a goal for you,  here a few steps  to assist you with your new goal.

Your ability to grip and hold the pole are most important, so be sure that you are practicing with clean, dry hands and feet.

Start on the tips of your toes for a boost while bringing your arms above your head and with a firm grasp use your arms to pull your weight off the ground while using your leg muscles to raise your feet up onto the pole. 

Be sure to keep your body as steady and close to the pole as possible as you begin to climb the pole and remember to take your time. Place the bottom of your feet flat against the pole surface.  Reach up with your arms and pull  yourself up while pushing with your legs to your next position on the pole. 

Continue this technique until you are able to climb to the top of the pole reaching new heights! For many pretty ladies we understand that initially building your strength for pole climbing is key.

So if you want to work on your strength before you start climbing the pole make sure you sign up for our pole fit class that will focus on muscle building and toning the upper body.

So pretty ladies, what are your pole goals for the summer?

See you on The Pole!

xox..Pretty Lady Pole Fit

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