Going for The Gold

Let the games begin! The summer 2012 Olympics have gotten underway and regardless of what country or sport you’re rooting for, it’s an exciting time for sport and fitness enthusiasts.  So, Pretty Lady Pole Fit was thinking….is the Olympics ready for pole dancing as a sport???  It is admittedly a high bar and pole dancing needs to first gain recognition as  a sport by the International Olympic Committee, a victory that would be celebrated by all under-appreciated sports worldwide.

 There are many pole dancing competitions held around the world and there is a lot of training that goes into becoming a pole dancing champion.  Japan’s Mai Sato dances and trains five hours a day for five days during the week.  She has been dancing since the age of 3.  Mai said “she would love to win a gold medal.”

When you think about it, ladies that pole dance do “train” very hard just as any other athlete.  You go to the dance studio several times a week for a great workout.  Your dedicated to learning all the spins and moves of pole dancing.  Most importantly, you compete with yourself to be and do your very best:  All the makings of an Olympic champion.

In 2010 there was a petition created and presented to the London Olympic organizers to consider pole dancing.  Evidently that memo to add pole dancing to the 2012 summer games was not cc’d to the International Olympic Committee.  There’s always hope for the future, Brazil 2016 anyone.

Whether you support or oppose the addition of pole dancing as an addition to the Olympic games, the verdict is ultimately up to the IOC.  In the meantime while you’re waiting to hear from them, get your stilettos and come on down to the Pretty Lady Pole fit studio and start working towards your gold medal.

 See you on the Pole!

 xox…Pretty Lady Pole Fit

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