Is Pole Dancing for Everyone?

For everyone that has ever participated in pole dancing for fitness, knows that it is simply a good, fun workout.  As you may already know, pole dancing can help you improve your strength and endurance.  You learn spectacular spins and choreography and most importantly you improve your health, fitness and become more confident.

There are some who have a different view or opinion about pole fitness.  For some, pole dancing brings up images of seedy strip clubs, smoking, drinking and a few other not so positive things.  A few months ago the gospel group Mary Mary participated in a mobile pole fitness party during an all girls get-a-way, which aired on their  reality television show.  Lets just say the group Mary-Mary was split on whether featuring them pole dancing was the best form of fitness a Christian gospel group should do.  If you have not seen the episode here is the link to view that segment of the show  MaryMary pole dancing. The show aired nationwide and received lots of positive praise and feedback.  What do you think about the girls decisions?

Pole fitness has many stated benefits just like a traditional gym workout.  It was fantastic to see that many people who saw that episode did not judge Mary Mary for their choices and became even more curious about pole fitness.

Pretty Lady Pole Fit will always encourage you to do what is best for you.  What we and many other studios offer is a comfortable and fun place to get an ultimate workout for the modern day woman.  We encourage women from all walks of life to try a class or two because we know they will become hooked.  If you have not already been to the Pretty Lady Pole Fit studio we would love to see you.  We offer classes for all fitness levels and abilities.

See you on the Pole!

xox…Pretty Lady Pole Fit


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