Liquid Motion Workshops

Ladies From the Liquid Motion Traveling WorkshopThe ladies from Liquid Motion are coming to Pretty Lady Pole Fit. The ladies will be in town to teach their outstanding workshop: Liquid Motion! There are two amazing Liquid Motion Traveling Workshops: Liquid One and Liquid Two.

Liquid One starts with the basic fundamentals of Liquid. Focusing on breaking down the fear of being sensual. It explores the ideas of being comfortable with your body no matter your shape and size. It teaches you how to give yourself permission to be sexy, and investigates how your body moves for you. All women are very different, and Liquid One teaches you how to love your differences and celebrate them. In addition it teaches you to respect and appreciate the differences of your peers. Each student will learn wall work, floor work , and some basic pole transitions. You will not use the pole during this class so no pole experience is needed for this class. This 90 minute workshop is only $50 but if you register by August 11th receive the early bird rate of $45.

Liquid Two is for the more experienced pole dancer, as it involves work on the pole, and a basic understanding of pole movement is required for this class. Students will learn everything that is in Liquid one, but at a much quicker pace. The primary focus of this workshop is to take the idea of liquid and apply it to your pole dancing. We will be working on transitions, turns, pirouettes and more floor work, while working them into a full routine. The class moves quickly through steps and combos to focus on tweaking them to achieve that wonderful liquid quality. The ability to retain a routine is helpful but not a requirement. As an added bonus, students will also get a vigorous abdominal workout to help with their inverts (Inverting will not be done in liquid classes). By the end of the 90 minutes, the class will have learned a full routine using wall, floor, pole, possibly chair and also free dance. Liquid two will leave the students with a feeling of confidence and the ability to explore themselves and choreography in their pole dancing. COMPLETION OF LIQUID ONE IS REQUIRED TO TAKE LIQUID TWO. This 90 minute workshop is only $50 but if you register by August 11th receive the early bird rate of $45

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