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Pretty Lady Pole Fit is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. We pride ourselves on having professional, experienced, and dedicated personal trainers. We understand that every client is different, therefore our trainers provide customized fitness programs designed to help you reach your objectives quickly and efficiently. Workout with a Pretty Lady Pole Fit Certified Personal Trainer and get results!

Meet Our Trainers

Arminta Personal Trainer YogaArminta is a personal trainer, and group exercise instructor. Before her journey to pole dancing, personal training & more began, she spent several years as an English Teacher! As a graduate of GMU (shout out Mason Nation! :), she has grown to love and appreciate this Nations capital as the treasure it is. Arminta feels that being able to enrich the lives of those in her community is a privilege and has enabled her to assist many clients with their fitness goals.

Arminta believes that the “everyday woman” comes in many shapes and forms and that being confident and comfortable with your physical form is important. She also believes it is a fundamental truth that when you look good, you feel good and looking good can be accomplished through exercise. As co-owner of Pretty Lady Pole Fit, Arminta seeks to build a community of women dedicated to enriching their lives in positive ways through exercise, healthy habits, & self love.

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