Put on Your Dancing Shoes

You’ve seen it plenty of times; your instructor gracefully strutting, dancing and working the pole or chair in a pair of 5 inch heels looking sexy and fabulous.  Moving about in her heels as if she had on ballerina flats, you say to yourself, “I am ready” or “ she makes it looks so easy”.

Well….you are ready and it will become easy, however it is important to If you’re are not accustomed to wearing high heels or stilettos regularly, the Pretty Lady Pole Fit team suggests that you get a shoe that  offers a thicker heel or a wide base. 

 Being able to hold your balance while dancing is important for your success. During class, (specifically our pole classes) you will always see your instructor dance or perform moves and tricks starting on the balls of their feet even with heels on. It is beneficial for you to practice placing the weight on the balls of your feet while dancing.  It is important not just for performing a better technique, but to also help avoid injury. Additionally, you look and feel sexy. 

Another good way way to get use to wearing 5 inch heels is to practice walking in heels around the house, while your doing chores, homework with the kids, cooking or even walking the dog.  We know that will certainly bring you lots of interesting stares.

Once you make a decision to purchase your footwear, we recommend shoes with an ankle strap or some type of ankle support, even a boots or booties work well.  Believe us  when we tell you those straps have helped us stay safe from a flinging shoe or two during class. 

If you’re unsure and feel that you need help with what to buy please feel free to come by the Pretty Lady Pole Fit studio for some expert advice and tips on your purchase.  We are currently selling  Pleaser Shoes & Boots, they are sexy, stylish and most importantly comfortable. Stop by the studio and try-on a pair!

See You on The Pole!

 xox… The Pretty Lady Pole Fit Team

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