Finding your Dance Confidence – Tips for Inexperienced Dancers

If you’re just getting started dancing, it can take some time to really get your confidence levels up! The movements might feel awkward at first, and you might even feel discouraged by your lack of confidence. Don’t get yourself down! It’s completely normal for beginning and inexperienced dancers to struggle with confidence, especially with pole dancing which comes with the extra desire to be sexy the entire time. Here are some tips for finding your dance confidence so you can step your skills up to the next level!

Fake it till you make it!

You know how the saying goes! It might sound crazy, but faking it really is the best way to actually fool yourself into feeling confident. It’s normal to feel a little weird the first few times you try pole dancing. The movements are hard, and it’s difficult to catch on quickly even if you have a background in other types of dance. Just put on a smile and fake it till you make it! Before you realize, you won’t even need to fake it anymore, it’ll come naturally.

Practice, practice, and practice more.


You’re not going to master anything overnight. When trying to perfect new dance moves, you have to put in the work. Think of your favorite dance instructors. They always make it look so effortless and smooth! They started at the same place you are now. They weren’t always the pictures of confidence they are today! It takes hard work. When you know you’ve improved is when you’ll find your confidence improving.

Dress like the pro’s!


If you want to feel your best, you need to dress your best. The right clothes can help transform your confidence and boost your performance. Wearing high quality, fashionable dance gear like these selections from will help you move better! You can’t expect to perform your best without dressing for success!

Remember you’re not alone.


When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to feel like you’re the worst one in your dance class or that you’ll never succeed. That’s why it’s important that you’re not alone! All the other students in your class are learning right along with you, and odds are they don’t always feel so confident either. Your instructor has your back and wants to see you succeed! Everyone’s rooting for you so there’s nothing to be worried about.

Stop comparing yourself to other people.


It’s easy to compare yourself to everyone else in your dance class. This can make you feel down on yourself if you notice someone doing better than you. Remember everyone learns at their own pace and it’s okay to take longer than others to really nail a move down. Practice makes perfect, and the only one who can get the move right is you. Instead of focusing your energy on others, focus on yourself and what you’ve already accomplished! Your confidence will improve in no time!

Bring a friend with you.


Sometimes all you need to get that extra boost of confidence is to bring a trusted friend along to class with you. Real friends can be a source of much-needed support, and your friend will be a great cheerleader for you! Learn together and practice on your own time so you have extra help when you forget a certain movement. Find a friend who’s always wanted to learn how to pole dance and make it a fun activity the two of you do together! Or don’t limit it to two and invite your whole gang! Everything’s better when you’re smiling and laughing along with a good friend.

Finally, don’t be afraid to practice even when you’re alone.


It can feel a bit weird to practice dancing outside of class, especially when you’re alone, but this is the best way to build your own confidence! Dance from the comfort of your home when you’re all alone and nobody’s watching! Allow yourself to really go all out and challenge yourself to get better every day. It’s okay if you improvise a bit! This is the perfect chance to explore your unique dance style.

The importance of finding your dance confidence!

It’s normal to struggle with your confidence as a new dancer. Don’t let your lack of confidence get in the way of your dancing. Try your best to make the most of each class, and focus on your own achievements. You’ll notice your confidence improving in no time!