Pole Shopping – Team Permanent vs Team Removable

Pole dancing is a fun and exciting way to lose weight, burn calories, tone your muscles, get a great work and visit your inner seductress. You’ve been to the PLPF studio, have started lessons with our fabulous instructors and now you want to be able to practiceRead more

The Pole Can Be Your Friend

The Pole Can Be Your Friend Pole Dancing can be VERY addictive! We know when you think about pole dancing, you’re imagining some seedy, dark and smoke filled strip club, with scantily clad girls  shaking what their momma gave them for some cents. Believe us  the PLPFRead more

Welcome to our World- Pretty Lady Pole Fit

            Welcome to the Pretty Lady Pole Fit Blog weekly blog.  We look forward to bringing you new and exciting information about fitness, working on yourself from the inside out, juggling your career, family and life itself, maintaining a healthy lifestyle andRead more