Instructor of The Month


Meet Nellie our Pretty Lady Pole Fit Instructor of the month.  A  full time librarian by day, gym rat and Pole Fitness Instructor by night.  Nellie has been with PLPF since early 2012 and we cannot get enough of her talents.  She currently teaches: Intro to Pole, Beginner Pole, Intermediate Pole, Pole Play, Polercise and anything else with a pole in the title! 


Nellie came to be a part of the Pretty Lady Pole Fit team through her curiosity and love for dance.  When she moved to area she often frequented the Mount Vernon shopping center for errands.  One day she noticed the Pretty Lady signs and saw girls dancing, standing on their heads and just simply having a good time and thought “wow I want to do that”.  The very next day Nellie saw an online special to take classes at PLPF and the rest is history.


Right now Nellie’s number one song to dance to is Too Close by Alex Clare.  Her favorite dance moves are the spins and she’s looking forward to teaching her advance girls the Reverse Grab/Flying Body spin.


Depending on her mood, Nellie likes to dance in shoes or barefoot.  “Heels are fun” she said, but when learning or teaching a new spin she prefers to go barefoot.


Nellies words of advice to all the Pretty Ladies is to HAVE FUN! It is the best part of coming to the studio and signing up for all of the different classes.  She know that there are different and exciting things learned in each class which makes it easier to stick with.  Nellies belief is that when you stick with an exercise you see result.


That’s why we love and celebrate her and her awesome talents.  Thank you Nellie for all that you bring to Pretty Lady Pole Fit.

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