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Welcome to the Pretty Lady Pole Fit Blog weekly blog.  We look forward to bringing you new and exciting information about fitness, working on yourself from the inside out, juggling your career, family and life itself, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and showing you how to use your PLPF classes for date nights and keeping things fresh and sexy.

Today we are going to answer a few questions about we know YOU have been dying to ask!

Reporter: What exactly can a pretty lady expect at PLPF?

PLPF:  She can expect unique and exotic dance fitness classes that teach the art of seduction while providing a heart pumping workout

Reporter: Who can come to PLPF for a workout?

PLPF: Any lady between the ages of 18 and infinity, we offer women-only classes and parties

Reporter: What if a pretty lady is shy or feels she’s too overweight to come and workout?

PLPF: We desire to boost our pretty ladies self-esteem and help her find her alter-ego, you know her “Sasha Fierce” side but if Sasha is not ready to come out just yet, we offer private/personal   training options.

Reporter: Is there anything else you would like to share with the pretty ladies?

PLPF:   Of course, our motto Exercise Never Looked So Good comes from the PLPF book of motto’s.  We are the DC Metro area’s premier dance and fitness studio, taught by world class, certified instructors.  Our goal is to reshape what the average lady thinks about fitness, and we want her to come on out to the studio and get the workout of a lifetime.

Fitness Tip of the Week: Take charge of your health, body and life! Always do YOUR best!








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